The Iraqi Red Crescent: a relief aid convoy to Syria, and a volunteer team to Turkey to evacuate and rescue the victims

In order to assist the Syrian Red Crescent in the regions that were devastated by the destructive earthquake disaster, the ...

Finance and Administrative Liaison

Job advertisement

Job title: Human Resources Consultant  Contract Type: Employee Location: Iraq Duty Station: IRCS HQ, Baghdad Duration: 12 months (extension is ...

Accompanied it from its inception
The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent provide various services to the fans participating in Khaleeji 25

After more than 35 years, Iraq hosted the first international competition on its land, and Basra applauded its success. One ...

To promote the community mental health
The IRCS provides psychosocial support services through its mobile clinics.

In the last two decades, Iraqi community has gone through many crises that have cast a shadow over the reality ...

Emphasising on the significance of its national implementation .
A workshop was organized by the Iraqi Red Crescent on (principles of International Humanitarian Law and contemporary challenges)

In collaboration with the International Society of the Islamic Red Crescent, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society held a workshop concerning ...

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Humanitarian aid to the displaced families

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