Najaf Branch

This governorate can be distinguishes by the large number of religious tourism who come to visit the Holy shrines and Al-salaam Valley Cemetery, the branch founded at 1992.
The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Najaf branch represented in the headquarters and 2 offices to cover the geographical area of the governorate, and there is a preparedness to open third office at Mashkhab district, as the governorate divided into sections:

Branch Headquarters:-

It is located in the city center and covers the needy families at Najaf and Al-haidariya district northern and the western the governorate.
Kufa Office:-

It is located in the center of Kufa, it covers the needy families at Abbasia and Alhreea townships at Kufa in the eastern the governorate
Al Manathira Office:-

It is located in the same district and covers the needy families in the city of Manathira, Hiraa, Mashkhab and Qadisiyah townships.
Al-Najaf branch is working to providing humanitarian assistance in accordance with the deliberated methodology prepared plans to cover all areas of the governorate. According to data graphs prepared in advance for the number of needy families of widows and orphans and people with special needs of the disabled and those affected by wars, the branch is coordinating with the governorate of Najaf and official departments and civil society organizations in all centers and districts and the areas the governorate.

The management of Al Najaf Branch and its divisions:

The Department of Youth and volunteers:
This department working to attract the largest number of volunteers from the local community and both sexes, it is divided into categories of Youth and Volunteers and it works to develop their skills and their abilities through workshops, courses and seminars that held by young people and other departments as the volunteers are important slide in the work of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society to take advantage of them in operations various relief and humanitarian programs in the future.
The Department of Explosive Remnants of War Awareness (ERWA): it is working to held seminars and lectures about the awareness of war remnants effects and non-explosive remnants and the environmental disasters of these remnants from some of these residues through distributing posters that educate people to reduce the risks of these remnants and the ways to report about it

Health Department:

It is a very important department and works to train stuff and volunteers about first aid, as well as to retain the necessary medical supplies in the crisis, events and to implement awareness campaigns of Communicable Diseases and epidemics operations.

Central Tracing Department:

This section is dealing with prisoners of war and missing persons. And to coordinates its work with the International Red Cross.

Dissemination Department:

This department is to educate and define the International Movement and its principles. Also to define the National Society and what it presents to the community through publications, and lectures which held in schools and government departments, civil society organizations and other.

Media and public relations Department:

It covers all media activities throughout TV and radio adding to newspaper, so as to coordinate with other partners.

Disaster Management Department:

This department works to provide relief, assistance and installing camps for displaced people to areas that had military operations, natural disasters, as well as the camps for religious occasions. This department has a special team of volunteers to respond quickly to the disaster.

Logistics Department:

It is a vital department in the work of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, as it secured the basic necessities of food, relief, medical, tents and mechanisms. It is also to be ready to offer a help when an emergency care occurs.

Inspection Department:

Its mission is to supervise and follow-up of process regarding the distribution of food and relief materials.

Information Technology and communication Department:

It works to communicate with HQ and deliver instant notifications and tasks to all the departments, this department includes system of communication with all branches and HQ and other wireless communication system that used in emergency situations.