IRCS Departments

  • International relations department
    It concerned with ensuring the international and local communication and coordination operations among the society and its audience and partners .
  • Information department
    It concerned with emphasizing the role of society , identifying its activities locally and internationally , and showing its methods and policy as a part of international movement .
  • Tracing department
    It concerned with restoring the family links , ensuring the communication between the captives and detainees and their families via letters .
  • Disaster management department
    It is active department concerned with reliefing the affected people in Iraq by natural disasters and wars and providing the suitable living issues .
  • Health department
    It concerned with its health duties during disasters by presenting medical requirements and psychological support and performing treatment programs .
  • Administrative affairs and human resource department
    It is one of executive supported departments which support the IRCS works and activities and concerned also with Administrative affairs .
  • Logistic department
    Its work is the logistical support to all IRCS activities like planning and coordination in transportation management to ensure the fast and suitable arrival of materials to beneficiaries .
  • Legal department
    It is an active department which concerned with following all legal affairs and cases of IRCS .
  • Organizational development and reporting department
    It concerned with training and developing the abilities of IRCS staff in addition to present proposals of projects and programs and issuing the IRCS reports .
  • Explosive Remnants of War Awareness department
    One of the important programs of IRCS , it concerned with increasing the awareness of community segments from the danger of explosive remnants of war and how to follow safe behavior when they faced them .
  • Information Technology department
    It is supported department and concerned with communication between the IRCS and its branches , IRCS and relief teams , and it also concerned with computers and internet .
  • Youth and Volunteers department
    It is an active department which IRCS depended on in accomplishing its missions like attract volunteers , organizing courses and youth and social activities .
  • Structure and Rehabilitation Dept.
    It concerned with Rehabilitation and construction the building which belong to IRCS , implementing its projects , and putting the future plans .
  • Dissemination Dept
    It concerned with educating the community segments through courses and lectures , identifying international movement of Red Cross And Red Crescent ( its establishing , components , emblems and its uses , as well as identifying IHL and IRCS and its activities .
  • Financial affairs dept.
    Its work is making the final accounts of IRCS and spent all the amounts , salaries , operational expenditures of IRCS and branches , making financial and analyzed studies , benefit studies , in addition to follow up all the IRCS storages .
  • Medical services dept.
    It work is providing medical equipments , medicine , and other medical requirements to IRCS hospitals , detachments , in addition to treat sick people inside and outside Iraq .
  • Inspection and monitoring dept .
    Its work is helping the responsible people to observe any negative case and finding suitable solutions to it in addition to making questionnaires of all humanitarian organization and societies which want to help and supervising on distribution operation of humanitarian to vulnerable people .
  • Security dept.
    Its work is the continuous security monitoring on IRCS departments and hospitals and sending daily reports to interior affairs ministry about FBS work .
  • Surveillance and auditing dept.
    Its work is auditing and surveillance on all financial and administrative affairs of HQ , branches , hospitals which belong to IRCS and other programs and activities of IRCS .