Basra Branch

Basrah branch established in 1986 as a National and Independent Humanitarian Society works to raise the pain and suffering of citizens in the governorate, adding to contribute to the help and assist the specialist institutions. Due to the fact that the governorate has suffered from a bloody wars in earlier times, which is the matter that made Basrah branch to had a prominent role in supporting the Department of Health, while its activities continued to provide possible assistance to the Department of Health so that to prepare a specialized trained cadres of volunteers to face the disasters and daily incidents in the community and also works to disseminate health awareness in the governorate.
The Iraqi RChad divided the volunteers into teams, and distributed them to work in the emergency lobbies of hospitals to help health staff in emergency treatment and injuries cases because of the wars. The branch also distributed aid and assistance to the needy families after the war. As well as established camps for pilgrims in Safwan border area to facilitate the task of their going and return from (Meka). And implemented programs of community needs assessment to identify points of strengths and weaknesses in many districts of the governorate. At the 1950th years, the branch was just a building near the old province(what is now called the Red Crescent)it was a charity foundation runeat that time by dignitaries women in Basra and were distributed food assistance, shoes, notebooks, pens and clothing for the poor persons,  so, that was the beginning of the Red Crescent in Basra and continued to work in this way for years until it becomes one of the most important institutions in the governorate while the branch has attracted a large number of volunteers and implemented a number of important programs and many activities in health, relief and awareness aspects. The Governor Board of the branch has formed at 1986, all of its members were doctors from Basrah that undertook many important activities in the field of relief, awareness and other. The branch has (79) employees and more than 200 volunteers, and it includes five offices spread over the districts of the governorate and has an active role in the work of the Red Crescent, these offices are (Zubayr, Abu al-Khaseeb, Fao, Safwan and the Office of Qurna).