Maysan Branch

The volunteers in this branch are (200) and it’s staff are  (64) they divided as follows
Branch Headquarters

  1. Staff (23)
  2. Drivers (5)
  3. services worker (3)
  4. Maintenance workers (2)

Ali Al-garbie office :.

  1. staff (3)
  2. gardes (2)

Al-majar al-kabeer office:.

  1. staff (5)
  2. service workers (1)
  3. Guardes (4)

The Iraqi Red Crescent branch in Maisan, implemented a leg number of  achievements like;.

  1. Food items distribution
  2. Promotion of prisoners transactions and Central Tracing  and to deliver messages from detainees to their families and vice versa

The Activities of Health Department include: –

  1. Healthy child program
  2. First aid courses
  3. Health awareness and health monitoring campaigns
  4. The dissemination lectures regarding the  international humanitarian  law
  5. war  remnants
  6. Installing  warning signs
  7. Production film (remnants of war) to aware  from the mine risk
  8. Did a survey for the displaced families for the year 2005-2006
  9. Visiting the hospitals especially Leprosy hospital
  10. Holding a lectures to aware from earthquakes and took a preparedness, and to have a logistic procedures in the areas that threatened by earthquake.
  11.  Visiting the Governmental Directories and implementing  educational lectures in Red Crescent working.