Diyala Branch

(Diyala) governorate, is one of the important governorate in Iraq it located in the northeastern part with an area about (120 813) km and a population are (1.3) million and away from Baghdad, (57) km and it is one of the gates of Baghdad and it is very important position its eliminate called (Baquba) is the commercial, cultural and political center Dially consists of five districts are( Baquba and Muqdadiyah and Khalis and BaladRuz and Khanaqin) The number of township in this governorate are (15)
Diyala branch,is one of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society branches it was established in the 2/3/ 1992 was initially used his place behind the governorate building and then moved to a new building in (2004) and it has several offices and the number of employees are(66) and the number of volunteers are (100).

 The Sections of branch

Disasters branch are working on a survey field for the purpose of providing assistance is also working to train volunteers on how to deal with disasters.
Health Section this section works to provide health support to all people also publishes health education and the training of volunteers.
Youth and volunteers department play an important role to attract volunteers and setting up courses to train volunteers for the purpose of developing their abilities.
Searching central Department its roll to transport and send messages from detainees to their families and work certificates detention for freed prisoners, this program works in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Inspection and follow-up section this section does all the administrative and logistical matters and submit proposals that work on the development work the Assembly.
War remnants department this department works to raise awareness throw lecturing to spread awareness among the people of this section and this section as well as the distribution of publications warning in places where war remnants abound.
Publishing section, identifies the people on the role of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society as well as the dissemination of the Fundamental Principles of the Red Crescent and Red Cross.
Media department, a section covering all activities of Diyala branch through various media outlets.
Reports department this section briefly all activities of branch then sent it to the Reports section in the center of the headquarters of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society.



Branch Offices

  1. Al-kals office is far away  about (16) km north of Baquba, was established in 16/12/2006 and the number of employees are (8).
  2. Balad Ruz office was established in 31/8/2005 and the number of employees are (6).
  3. Muqdadiyah office was established in 31/8/2008 and the number of employees are (5).
  4. Khanaqin office was established in 31/8/2005 in (Bakhtiari) region and the number of employees are (5).

The main activities carried out in cooperation with the Diyala Branch Office.

 Diyala branch since its inception a number of activities and has had a prominent role when received conservative displaced families from Baghdad before and during the events of 2003, when the relief materials distributed to displaced families, and after the 2003 and subsequent events, especially displacement within the province and the arrival of families from outside the governorate  , where relief food and health assistance distribution, and after the 2007 military operations and cleanse the cities of the governorate , Diyala branch distributing food and relief material  provided by the Red Crescent and the International Federation and the International Committee of the Red Cross aid, as well as recover the bodies from under the rubble and the exhumation of buried in houses and nearby lands gardens It was buried and secured temporarily by parents in conditions that were impossible to deliver it to the hospital and cemeteries.
Also the branch made a circumcision campaigns for the orphans and blood donation campaigns and supervision of vaccination campaigns carried out by the Ministry of Health.
Diyala branch also provided (the enterprise grants) for the shop owners affected by the events that have passed out of Diyala for their reintegration to work and create jobs and income for families in the various districts, as well as summer schools conducted by Diyala branch in the summer of 2010 in all districts of the province project and the number of beneficiaries (700) students of orphans and talented.
Also the branch of Diyala play a prominent role to relief families that affected by operations as a result of the rain and floods that fell at rates of abnormal on villages (Gazzanah and Mandali) affiliated to spend Balad Ruz, where he was saving families and provide food relief and health assistance atmosphere in collaboration with the leadership of the Army Aviation.