Baghdad Branch

Baghdad Branch
It is the largest and the most important branches of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS), it represents the capital Baghdad (the capital has largest population in Iraq), Baghdad branch was founded at 1995.

The Section of Baghdad branch:

  • Health Section:
    It has three units:(First Aid unite, that held first aid workshops for all segments of community) and (psychosocial Support unit, that works on teaching staff from those who can give Psychosocial support to all segments of community, especially children, orphans who have lost their loved ones) and (Health Programs unit,that works to give health awareness from the risks of the transitional diseases and non-transitional).
  • Disaster Division:
    It has two unites(Preparedness and Response) that works in disasters times, and to prepare and train rescue teams, adding to distribute relief materials and food assistance for the most vulnerable people.
  • Youth and volunteers Division:
       It has two unites(Youth and Volunteers)that works on attracting volunteers from all segments of community so that to work as volunteers for the Iraqi Red Crescent Society. This division works also to provide human resources for the other divisions in the Iraqi RC during their activities.
  • The Dissemination unit:
       It works to disseminate principles of the International Movement and its components for all segments of community.
  • Division of Explosive Remnants of War Awareness (ERWA):
       It works to raise the awareness of war remnants dangers in accordance with the thoughtful approach, especially in areas that have suffered from terrorism.
  • Division of Central Tracing:
       It works to deliver messages of war prisoners and their families, as well as  working in cooperation with the ICRC for the same regard.
  • Logistic Division:
    It has three unites (stores units, Transportation and Distribution)
  • Media Division:
    It is working on media coverage for the activities of the branch through TV and press, as well as to held festivals for children and journalists honoring.
  • Inspection and follow-up Division:
    It works on the follow-up and inspection of the work and activities, through field activity and periodic reports.
  • Reports Division:
    It is responsible for issuing reports about activities of the branch during the month, as well as responsible for the annual report.


-There are other Administrative Divisions working within the branch like:

  1. Management Division
  2. Accounts
  3. Engineering
  4. Legal

Baghdad Branch has five sub-branches and five offices distributed allover Baghdad that works to cover the largest number of vulnerable peoples.

Names of Baghdad Branch’s sub-branches and offices

  • Sadersub-branch
  • Mahmudya Office
  • Kadhumya sub-branch
  • Abu Ghureb Office
  • Karkhsub-branch
  • Tarmya Office
  • Adhamya sub-branch
  • Rashidya Office
  • Rusafa sub-branch
  • MadaeenOffice