Anbar Branch

Anbar Branch was founded in 1991 and was like organization which its mission is to manage the branch that was called (operations center of Anbar Branch). Since the beginning of its foundation, the branch took upon itself the implementation the programs and projects of Iraqi Red Crescent and attracted a large number of volunteers; meanwhile the branch had a good presence in many important occasions in Anbar. It can be considered as the largest branch (which comes after Baghdad branch) and includes six offices distributed in the districts and areas of the governorate which all had an active contribution in implementing activities of Iraqi RC. After 2003, the branch had a lot of problems that hampered its work due to security situation, but the employees and volunteers keep implementing their duties at highest levels, especially after the deterioration of security situation in Fallujah city in 2004 and the displacement of hundreds of families to the city of Ramadi and its neighboring areas which leading to the mobilization efforts and energies of the branch to reduce the suffering of those families and provided them with assistance and relief materials like camps, medicines and medical supplies, food, installing mobile health centers adding to others activities, as well as implemented a number of programs that included central tracing, awareness of war remnants, youth activities, dissemination, media and public relations, that all done in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) and the International Federation (IFRC). As well as follow-up some cases of Arabs displaced like installing camp for Sudanese and Palestinians in (al-Sabeen area) near Trebeel crossing border on the Jordanian-Iraqi border.