Wasit Branch

The branch founded in 1992, with (59) staff and more than (200) volunteers, as it began its humanitarian work by both staff and volunteers who work to provide humanitarian assistance to the general people at the governorate, especially needy families, widows and orphans as well as providing emergency assistance in various conditions like natural disasters and abnormal. There are 2 offices (al-Swera’a and al-Haey) opened in 2006 adding to other 2 offices (al-Numania and al-Azizea) opened in 2009 that worked to provide humanitarian services.
The most important activities which done by the branch is that to provide relief and humanitarian assistance to the people who affected by flooding eastern of Kut city and in which they been transferred to safer areas, while in 2002 the branch build a refugee camp and provide assistance to the people of Al-belha village after their village was hit by tornado. The Iraqi Red Crescent Maternity Hospital has also built in Wasit in 2004 which funded by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. After the events of 2006 a large camp built for displaced people from some areas that was insecurity and were provide by humanitarian and medical assistance and being sheltered for a long time in the center of Kut city.
The branch also held First Aid workshops for volunteers, staff and staff of provincial institutions in coordination with programs of Headquarters, it also contributed to send and receive messages of prisoners through Central Tracing Department at the three wars that Iraq had.

The branch also had an active contribution in educating the citizens about the remnants of war through field visits, giving lectures and distributing folders and posters about war  remnants, and to participate in providing medical assistance, first aid and humanitarian services during religious events, and opened 2 halls of  Internet for men and women to provide internet services through communication and held courses of computer education for people of the governorate.
In 2007 the branch held computer courses for students in the governorate and installed camps to be like a schools for the children in some district there. In addition to provide assistance and install camp in Sheikh Saad village after the tornedo that hit it, as the staff and volunteers of the branch had a great role in evacuating the wounded and provide the children with medical assistance adding to distribute financial subsidy for the inhabitants of the village.
The staff and volunteers of the branch participated at inoculation and vaccination campaigns against diseases in coordination with the health department of Wasit, adding to participate in some athletic activities.

The branch is also involved in health awareness campaign of transition and infectious diseases, and organized a visit to the prison in the city of Kut and Badra to see their health status and provided them with medical assistance and responded to their needs, adding to held courses of teaching sewing for widows and orphans, and to held courses in English (TOEFL) for postgraduate students.