Krblaa Branch

The branch was established in the end of 1991, and its first president was Dr. Aziz Ali Obaid, while the process of expanding the Society there was through the creation of units and division (16 division and unit). The branch had many activities throughout year, and worked to provide relief assistance to the families affected by the natural disasters or through armed operations and made many visits to the families of martyrs, wounded adding to provide financial assistance to them, as well as helping them psychologically by holding psychological support programs especially for children and women.

The branch contributed in the distribution of food parcels and relief assistance for families who were displaced from other governorate, meanwhile the branch also continues through its offices to conduct a field survey to make an annual plan of action regarding the poor and needy families so that to help them and involving them in training courses, workshops to teach them some professions so as to contribute in raising the standard of their living.

 The divisions and units of the branch:

1. Disaster Management Division, includes two units: 

• Response Unit
• preparedness Unity.

2. Health Division, includes three units:
• First Aid Unit
• Psychosocial Support Unit
• Health Programs Unit.

3. Division of Youth and Volunteers, includes two units:
• Youth Unit
• Volunteers Unit.

4. Inspection and follow-up Division, that has follow-up of unit and complaints unity.

5. Security Division includes:
• Queries Unit
• Escorts Unit.

6. Administration Division.
7. Logistic Division include:
• Stores
• Transportation

8. Accounts Division.

9. Central Tracing Division.

10. Media Division.

11. Legal Division.

12. Engineering Division and Reports Unit.

13. Dissemination Unit.

14. Reports Unit.

15. Division of Explosive Remnants of War Awareness Unit.

16. Communications Unit.

There were three offices that belong to the branch opened in the governorate:
1. Office in Al-Hindai district opened in 09/10/2014.
2. Office in Aen Al-Tamur district opened in 09/10/2014
3. Office in Husainiya district opened in 2012
While the number of staff at the branch and its offices is 90, and the society has a warehouse in Al-Ibrahemia area that contains relief logistics materials which needed for holding the activities of the branch throughout the year.