Code of Conduct for employees and volunteers at the Iraqi Red Crescent Society

staff and volunteers Code of conduct of Iraqi Red Crescent Society

As we are staff or volunteers in IRCS and its representing , and we are responsible individually and collectively for support and disseminate the possible level highest from moral and professional    conduct , therefore all IRCS staff, volunteers and representatives should be prevented to do any bad behave and conduct. And they should commitment the fundamental principles of IRCS and respect the dignity of people which is the Society undertake for helping them.

Code of conduct including the following field :-

Dignity , Honesty and Commitment : Society works interlay and extremely depends on the performance and behave of the staff and volunteers , and the employment staff should be on their qualification , honesty and they should commitment on work and the duties of society. The society expected from the staff and volunteers in fields to commit as follow :-

  • Respecting , implementation and promotion of the seven Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement (Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Unity, Voluntary service , Independence, Universality).
  • IRCS staff should do all duties with honesty and they should be fighting for carrying out the highest level from professional responsibility and accomplishment.
  • Keeping on the level of honesty with all the practical relations whether inside and outside the society .
  • Optimal use of resources who sustain our responsibility
  • Build the highest possible levels of professionalism among the people who are entrusted to each member of the staff and volunteers of their responsibility
  • Respect all of peoples, take into account the sensitivities of people ’ customs, habits, and religious beliefs and avoid
  • Contributing to the removal of obstacle   to gender equality and to ensure that the organized activities which it takes the equality between the sexes.
  • Well representing of the organization.
  • Compliance with obligations and commitments listed in the “Rules of the employees and volunteers”



Misconduct and behavior

All the staff and volunteers must prevented to do any misconduct and behavior, the next part from this conduct clarify general items for forbidden action,  It also includes examples of specific acts considered in break of the organization to behave or misconduct , according to the impact of action, so, any abuse of power will be considered in the counter misconduct.


Violation of laws and instructions

  1. Breach of the rules of national law or international law in force and violation of the agreement on the status of the law.
  2.   Violation of rules and instruction which approved by the relevant manager and other officials in the organization.
  3. The exercise of any professional activity without obtaining the approval of the required legal  

Abuse of power

Organization defines “abuse of power as the exploitation or abuse of equitable or influence or lack of recruitment of discretion or choice for the special benefit or for the benefit of others in addition to cronyism, nepotism, corruption, bribery and all forms of exploitation, including sexual exploitation. Either business, which is abuse of power including :-


  1. Any acting be regarded as any act pursuant harassment or discrimination or racist
  2.  abuse of position in the organization is committed to make the point of what legally or financially or morally without authorization
  3. Theft of money or property or the human resources of the organization or abuse using.
  4. All forms of exploitation and abuse, neglect and violence
  5. All forms of sexual activity with children( under 18 age).
  6. Exchange work or employment, goods or services opposite for sex
  7. Sexual relations with people who expect from us to protection and assistance.
  8. Sexual relations with people who expect us protection
  9. Non-reporting suspicions or concerns related to the abuse of power

Security violation

  1. Do not obey the instructions of the security
  2. The use or possession of weapons or ammunition of any kind during the fieldwork
  3. Driving a vehicle belonging to the organization (at all times)


Violations of worker or volunteer position as a representative of the organization

  1.   to make any public statements regarding the political or military situation, including to voluntarily provide evidence or information that may be reached to the worker or volunteer. In any kind of legal proceedings, such evidence or information to the prosecution services, without the effect of prior head of the organization
  2. Illegal use of Red Crescent or Red Cross logo.
  3. Publication of books or articles or research related to the project, who works in foreign publications without prior approval of the head of the organization.
  4. Any act or omission that might offend the status of the organization
  5. Failure to provide the necessary respect for the customs or traditions or religious beliefs or to wear inappropriate.
  6. Alienate the property of the organization
  7. Theft of any kind
  8. slander or false claim state false statements and malicious or false claim or a false accusation to another member of staff or volunteers or to a third party

Corrupt practices in the definition of work

  1.   Non-disclosure of complete transparency about any potential conflict of interest with any contractor to provide supplies or services or with any partner at work (including close family relationships and existing arrangements among shareholders in companies and the like).
  2. Accept any gift or donation beyond being a symbolic gift (no pens or toiletry or diaries …..


Disciplinary actions

Procedural steps

In the event of any violation of the provisions of the “Code of Conduct” this, he will be writing the offending user Report allegation / allegations made against him / her. Will be made available to him / her time to answer such charges (and is usually so 10 days in the case of misconduct, which can be extended to one solar month in the case of gross misconduct) head of the organization able , upon submission of the claim, that keeps the hands of the individual on work, to be paid his full salary, and until the issuance of the final decision in the case. May also head of the organization, and in its sole discretion to form a special committee for further consideration of the claim and advise him regarding the appropriate action, and the organization will make every effort to ensure that the potential consequences are all the right staff and volunteers.


  • If the allegation against one essential workers or volunteers organized, it may be the
    President of the organization, in its sole discretion, do one of the following options:-
  1. Directing a written warning to the worker or volunteer on or put under surveillance
  2. Ending the employment contract with immediate effect and according to the instructions in forcein respect ofemployeesand volunteers, andif it turns outthat theclaimhas no basis oftherecordonworkerorvolunteerwill beabsolvedof the chargeorsuspicion. Seconded staff and volunteers and other representatives ofthe organization.

In the event of a claim substantially against the worker or volunteer Checked (organization) or against any other representative of the representatives of the organization who are not considered employees, it may be the organization that deliberately immediately to end the repatriation or affiliation of the organization, and offers a full report to the party that operates this Working on loan or enrollee.

Claims for compensation
organization reserves the right to claim compensation for damages and reasonable costs resulting from the violation of the worker or volunteer with the provisions of this Code, including, costs associated with re-worker or volunteer on to his place of residence, according to what is stipulated in the instructions for the workers and volunteers

Civil responsibility and criminal

That any action taken under this disciplinary action is not enslaved responsibility or administrative proceedings or civil or criminal, which may follow the procedure.

Lift the immunity
As stipulated in the instructions for employees or volunteers where enjoys factor
• volunteer immunity in procedures and functions performed by, the head of the organization is solely responsible for determining what is meant by the exercise of official duties in addition to that, it may be the President of the organization. raise such immunity in the interest of justice.

Reporting about violations
If it appears to any member of staff and volunteers if there is any doubt or suspicion regarding the violation of this Code of Conduct, it should he / she reported these doubts and suspicions through reporting mechanisms adopted, ie through the administrative hierarchy recognized. However, if these mechanisms are considered inappropriate, it should Report directly to the Human Resources Department or the Department of Risk Management and Audit (Appendix 3 includes a more detailed explanation of these things.


Bear all the responsibility for staff and volunteers found on the Code of Conduct and the intent of them. This will be one of the elements of the Code “basic training course” that are organized for employees and volunteers. Also be included in the initial training session and other related exercises.
Sessions before and after the task
Will be discussed, “Code of Conduct” during the meetings of the task that precedes and post-task

All responsibility
All persons who meet the provisions of the “Code of Conduct” These are obliged to creating an environment that prevents the abuse of power and supports the implementation of the standards contained therein regarding the conduct and work to maintain this environment. And bear managers at all levels have particular responsibilities in order to support and develop the regulations necessary to maintain this environment. This document automatically constitute a part of all contracts of employment and volunteering attached instructions own employees or volunteers of the Organization