Youth and Volunteerism

Youth and volunteers
They are people from different segments of society are willing to donate their time and are able to do so in way that benefit the community , and enable the individual volunteer to achieve himself , and stems from the free will of a person who volunteers to work and has no desire to gain material or financial profit or not as a result of external pressures social, economic , or political . the voluntary depends on tradition.

The duties of the volunteers

  • Adhere to the fundamental principles .
  •  Promote the work of the society .
  • The recognition of the basic system and work according it .
  • Participate actively in the work of the society .
  • Respect Red Cross and Red Crescent emblem and do not misused them according to the rules of the international movement of 1991 and the rules for the emblem issued by the society .
  • Not to contest the association in any way and not tarnished its reputation
  • Sign the document of rules of conduct established by the administrative Board.
  • Sign with the spirit of the team and avoid blocs between volunteers .
  • Not to mix politics with volunteering.

Facts and Figures
More than ( 17576) volunteers from HQ and branches participated for the purpose of completing more than ( 949) activity of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society in 2008

The Youth 
They are volunteers between ( 14 – 35 ) which the society attract and train them to develop their talent to be leader of society .

The importance of voluntary work

  • to be in the areas of major accidents that left many victims and injured .
  • The need for them as extra human resource of help in times of emergency.
  • There is no cost for the work of volunteers , and there is a need for their expertise , through volunteers can transfer messages widely and faster .
  • Outstanding performance and quality of service provided by volunteers generate income without additional costs .
  • A role in promoting the work of the society .
  • Difference in volunteers: skills, information, environment
  • Personal development of volunteers contributes in supporting the whole community.

The duties of the voluntary

  • Act in accordance with the fundamental principles of the movement and work to disseminate them .
  • Respect the rules of emblem use the in order to avoid misuse it.
  • Act in accordance with basic system of the national society and the conduct of the International Federation and the fundamental principles of voluntary service.
  • Do not present false promises linking the society resources with certain obligations .
  • respond to the needs of the beneficiaries (the most vulnerable people ) and strengthen their capacity to help themselves .
  • seek to achieve the highest standards of voluntary service quality and presenting periodic reports.
  • Must be willing to work at any time when there is an emergency situation as agreed with the National society , in line with their skills and abilities.

The duties of the volunteer

  • the choose to join his society membership, which determined him by its basic system .
  • Get the proper training or developing skills to be able to carry out the tasks or agreed role on .
  • Get the proper equipments to allow them to carry out their tasks and role .
  • To accept or reject any task or role according to the Code of Conduct and the fundamental principles of voluntary service with the National society , in line with their skills and abilities .
  • Secure the volunteers during official tasks.
  • The right to express opinion and to participate in the planning and implementation .

Code of Conduct for employees and volunteers at the Iraqi Red Crescent Society