Diwaniyah Branch

It was founded in 1992, as a humanitarian independent National Society working to reduce the pain and suffering of citizens all over Iraq adding to contribute in assisting specialist institutions.
The main target of the branch is that to alleviate the human suffering by providing help to the committee without discrimination to achieve the humanitarian principle and to strength the bonds of trust between the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) and the committee in general.
Due to the security situation in Iraq that causes a displacement from the areas which witnessed security events to Diwaniyah governorate in which the branch had the main role in presenting help for displaced people and installed camps for them and had secured their needs like aid and health materials adding to many other things that they need. Meanwhile IRCS forms many teams of volunteers to work the field searching for displaced families that were distributed across the governorate in order to provide them with food and relief assistance.
IRCS provided tents for many affected schools in the governorate that had no reconstruction plans in order to enable the students to complete the school year. IRCS has many health, cultural and sports activities such as doing an educational campaign regarding, bird flu, polio, campaigns of field visits to the hospitals and health centers. IRCS’s campaigns and activities still ongoing, as well as there were other campaigns of circumcision for needy families children, in addition to hold poetry festivals including folk poetry, and to support the movement of sports in the governorate.