Preparing for disasters

The process of preparing for disasters are through its trained staff on relief operations , camps set up and distribution of humanitarian assistance through the programs implemented, and these programs are evaluation and rapid response Program when an emergency, in which terms are determined plans and strategies and to emphasize on the state of emergency or disaster in the area and know what type of disaster and to assess their impact and avoids the rapid assessment which including  rumors or exaggeration in inaccurate information. And determine the possibilities and the available local resources as well as the potential support the beneficiary groups.

 The department including two sections:-

  1. Disaster Response Section
    It includes all the processes that we do it during and after a disaster, from ( assessment , search , rescue and shelter survivors and relocated to safer places and provide the major needs for survival and remove debris.
  2. Disaster Preparedness Section
    It is the stage of preparing staff  for the work of teams to provide equipments , special needs, and all other activities