Decisions and Recommendations of the Conference

Baghdad Declaration

There is still hope with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Baghdad, Iraq – 18-19 April 2018

We, the leaders of the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) gathered by greater determination and hope in Baghdad on 18-19 April 2018, on the occasion of the 10th MENA Conference:

– Paying tribute to the Red Crescent and Red Cross volunteers and staff who have lost their lives in the service of humanity.
– Guided by the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and our humanitarian values which should be promoted, strictly adhered to in times of peace and crises,
– Recognizing the growing humanitarian needs in the MENA region amidst manmade and natural disasters,
– Acknowledging the considerable efforts and progress made by the MENA National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in providing more effective humanitarian assistance to disaster affected and vulnerable people at regional and international levels,
– Recalling the Abidjan plan of action, adopted in the 9th Pan African Conference, and Beijing Call for Innovation 2014, adopted at the 9th Asia Pacific Conference
– Acknowledging the continuation of the implementation of the Amman Declaration of 2017 adopted during the 9th MENA Conference.
 – Determined to grow and sustain Red Cross and Red Crescent humanitarian services and promote more community level actions across MENA.

We commit collectively and individually to implement the recommendations of 10th MENA conference:

Promoting a culture of non-violence and peace, in conflict situation:

– We commit as a Movement to intensify and improve measures to ensure the safety and protection of RC/RC Volunteers
– We will enhance our efforts to assess, analyse and respond to education-related to humanitarian needs, specially to ensure access to, safety in, protection and continuity of education.

People on the move:

– We commit to increased advocacy for national legislation, that protects migrants throughout the migratory cycle–including and support to host communities affected by migratory trends, recognizing their vulnerability.
– We endeavor to strengthen the resilience of both migrant and host communities through an integrated CBHFA approach.
– We commit that by the next MENA Conference to have achieved at least 75% of the National Societies in MENA that have included “People on the Move” as one of the priorities in their Strategic Plan including the identification of a specialized Migration Focal Person.


– We commit to support the establishment of a Regional Youth Engagement Fund, to support the MENA Youth network plans.
– We commit to increase engagement of Youth in National Society programmes, inclusive of Migration and strengthening of the Culture of a Non-Violence and Peace.
– Commit to support the development of a National Youth Policy and Engagement Strategy for all MENA National Societies.
– We will work towards developing Regional Youth Leadership Programmes with a focus on young women.

Strategy 2030:

– To actively participate, with our diverse voice, in the Strategy 2030 consultation process to inform the development of Strategy 2030.


– We call on all National Societies of Middle East and North Africa to take the necessary measures to follow up on and implement the outcomes of the 10th MENA Conference adopted through this declaration, (while continuing to implement Amman as following: the action identified during the 9th MENA Conference).
– We call on the IFRC secretariat to support the MENA National Societies to fulfil their commitments and report on its implementation in part, through reporting on the Federation wide reporting system and consultation process for the new IFRC Strategy.
– We call on the governments of the MENA region to continue and further enhance their support to National Societies of their countries in fulfilling their humanitarian mission, in line with their auxiliary role.


The leadership of the MENA National Societies wish to express their warmest thanks and appreciation to the Iraq Red Crescent Society, staff and volunteers for their warm hospitality and excellent organization of the 10th MENA conference, as well as the Movement partners for their engagement and support.  The leadership of the MENA National Societies would also like to offer its gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Iraq for its continued and invaluable support towards humanitarian causes.

Baghdad, Iraq
19 April 2018